Álvario Palacios

Camins del Priorat

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Álvaro Palacios will never fail to surprise us. We may like his style and appreciate his way of creating wine, but what can't be denied either is his brilliance and his ability to adapt to contemporary times. A good example is Camins del Priorat, an affordable wine in an accessible style but with the class and distinction which we have grown to expect from Álvaro. The sort of wine we might term introductory, which enables us to become familiar with not only the firm's philosophy, but also the essence of the Priorat, without attaining the complexity of the grand classics or this winery's other offerings.
As the label itself seems to reflect, Camins del Priorat is a wine for those who love the naturally beautiful and delightfully fragrant. A wine which is presented as the bodega's entry level, but which shows its own definite character. Originating from vineyards in various municipalities (Gratallops, Porrera, Torroja, La Vilella Alta and La Vilella Baixa, Bellmunt, El Molar, El Lloar and Poboleda), at different altitudes and orientations, and from vines of varying ages (between 10 and 40 years old), Camins del Priorat is made primarily from indigenous varieties (50% Garnacha and 15% Cariñena with the addition of some Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot), offering a complex and balanced whole, a very fruit-forward wine that has the marked minerality typical of the Priorat terroir.
In the glass, most notable are its aromas of ripe fruit peel, juicy fruit, watermelon... Accompanying them are the floral notes, especially roses and carnations, which remind us of its similarity to Pétalos del Bierzo or even to Franziskaner-type beers in that floral touch, and discernible notes of banana. On the palate, it appears accessible, with a velvety texture and plenty of fruitiness, of blackberries and blackcurrants. Balanced, with good body, length and some sumptuous yet also silky tannins. A jovial and pleasant wine, modern and very well made... What more could you ask for from a winery's standard?


Type: Young red Crianza wine
Producer: Álvaro Palacios
Wine region: Priorat (Spain)
Grapes: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Syrah y Merlot
Bottle: 0.75 L
Alcohol content: 14,5%
Food Pairing: Mushrooms / rice dishes / white meats
Vineyard: Vine age: Entre 10 y 40 years
Soil: Llicorella
Climate: Mediterranean
Yields: Moderate yields
Production: 260.000 bottles


Colour: Picota cherry red / intense / violet glints
Bouquet: Intense / ripe red fruit / roses / liquorice / mineral
Palate: Rich / powerful / voluminous / fresh
Recommendations: serving temperature between 15ºC and 16ºC

Características de Camins del Priorat

Camins del Priorat es un vino tinto coupage de las variedades garnacha, cariñena, syrah, cabernet sauvignon y merlot elaborado por la bodega Álvaro Palacios bajo la D.O. Q. Priorat en Gratallops, Cataluña.

Los racimos con los que se elabora el vino Camins del Priorat nacen en ocho municipios distintos: Gratallops, Porrera, Torroja, Les Vilelles, Bellmunt, El Molar, El Lloar y Poboleda que cuentan con los característicos suelos del Priorat compuestos por licorella (pizarras) cuyas cepas tienen edades que van de los 11 a los 41 años.

Al llegar a la bodega los racimos se despalillan en un cien por ciento y se estrujan suavemente para comenzar la fermentación alcohólica que se lleva a cabo con las levaduras autóctonas y en tinas de cemento y madera con la aplicación de bazuqueos. El vino resultante efectúa la fermentación maloláctica en tinas y pasa por una crianza en barricas y tinas de madera que va de los cuatro a los seis meses, dependiendo de la añada.

Camins del Priorat es el pretexto perfecto para iniciar un viaje que nos permita disfrutar de una panorámica general de las sensaciones y de los paisajes que Álvaro Palacios, afamado enólogo reconocido a nivel mundial, nos ofrece a través de cada uno de los vinos que se elaboran bajo su firma.